Thursday, July 9, 2009

CHILDRESS – Two Fisted Dongus 7” Ep

Starcrunch Records – Miami (1995)

Florence King

Noah Vail – guitars, vocals
Shayne Hansen – drums

The lone record by Miami’s Childress is much better than I had remembered. It’s probably the weakest record on the Starcrunch label, but still recommended. Waterboy and Florence King are pretty good slow to mid tempo weirdo punk rock with straight-ahead instrumentation and off kilter vocals. John is the weakest song – “John – I’m not a mountain goat” – not sure what that’s about. If you find the cover art either offensive or juvenile and stupid, you are unlikely to enjoy the record inside. Childress featured Noah Vail from Human Oddities and Shayne Hansen from various Miami bands including Broken Talent (briefly, I think), Trash Monkeys and others – before they got fed up and kicked him out. Shayne would later gain fame by doing solo shows playing drum solos to videos of hockey fights – only at Churchills – of course.

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  1. Wow, thanks for remembering us. Fun fact: Every lyric in "John" came from a single episode of "Hawaii Five-O" guest-starring Christopher Walken.

    --Noah Vail