Saturday, July 25, 2009

F-BOYZ – Sinnin’ Like Mad EP

Destroy – Pembroke Pines (1988)

Psycho ‘88

Don’t Fuck Me Up
Satellite Kitchen
Bus of Doom
Sexist and Proud

Matty Luv – guitar
Seaweed – vocals
Scotty – bass
Gorgeous George – drums

Best South Florida punk band of the late 80’s right before they said “fuck it”, became the Fuckboyz and eventually scurried out of town. A real breath of fresh air after hardcore had run its course (and yes – it ran its course!) Recorded with finesse by Mr. Hal Specter. All five songs are excellent and most primarily concern extreme loutish behavior. Psycho ‘88 contains one distinct phrase describing bad behavior every 7 1/2 seconds (including eating green eggs and ham)– it’s quite an accomplishment. Don’t Fuck Me Up shows the Boyz’ sensitive side – and is great poppy-punk. Satellite Kitchen is more poppy punk – this one about loafing and doing nothing important in the future (sci-fi indolence). Bus of Doom concerns a city bus that shuttles its passengers to hell (the deli of despair) rather than the mall. On Sexist and Proud, the F-Boyz apparently offend even themselves as it doesn’t appear on their retrospective cd. Then again the target audience for the sentiments voiced here is kind of limited in San Francisco, where they relocated – for example – “I like the way things used to be – I don’t care about equality”. There might even be a city ordinance against it.

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  1. I played drums on this record, but George can have the credit. It's awful.