Saturday, June 20, 2009

KREAMY LECTRIC SANTA – Supergroup 2000 7”

Paddywagon Jive Records / Esync Records – Miami (1993)

KLS Love Theme

SirBoTurbo (Robert) – guitar, loops, vocal
Priya Ray – vocals, violin
Tim Vaughn – drums
Shazam de la Rok (Paul Enema) – guitar
Chief Dan Carradine (Timmy Put?) – bass
Jan 9 – vocals, gymnastics
Sasha – chicken butt
Dave Kudzma – projections

First release by this long running weirdo-punk ensemble. Out of the ashes of the Prom Sluts, SirBoTurbo assembled a bunch of excellent, if a little wacky, musicians, most notably girlfriend Priya Ray. Priya’s singing to screeching make “Ism” one of KLS’s best all-time songs. There’s a Mothers of Invention feel to this record and future records, with punk overtones, especially on “Ism”. Even at live shows, when dealing with varying levels of intoxication, the complex, stop-start songs and interludes were usually executed with finesse and accuracy. KLS Love Theme is a little hippy-ish, but overall a great debut by a great band. Record comes with several inserts, with lots of propaganda and nonsense, and features a nice write-up by the Cooper City Gazette.

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