Sunday, May 24, 2009

STRAIGHT YOUTH -- Together We Can Do It! EP

4 ½ Finger Records – Miami (1990)

Larry Edge – Vocals, Guitar
Ross Youth – Bass
Bruce Hard – Percutions

Positive Stand
X on my Hand
Str-8 Str-8 Str-8
No Drugs
Stupid Drugs
Hard Alertness

Part of the appeal of this record is that it can be imaged that not everyone will get the joke. These guys were involved with Powerhouse, a real straight edge band, and wound up in bands that were far from straight-edge land. The cover pretty much gives it away, I would say, but the music alone would certainly appeal to the boneheads of the time. All six songs are standard stop-start thrash with stupid and single-minded lyrics. X on my hand is the hit – the spoken part is great (“listening to this at home….I want you to get a marker …and put an X on your hand….”). This was the first release for the fine 4 ½ Finger label. That Ross Youth would be better off if he took some of the advice from this record takes some of the fun out of it for me, though.

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