Saturday, January 2, 2010

MUTE-ANTS – Introducing 7” EP

Zou Gratz Records – Boca Raton (1996)

Jason Mutation – vocals & guitar

Joey Go-Go Pop – drums

Dave Ant – bass & vocals

Ryan Imal – guitar & vocals

Stereo Dance

Bored with this City

Dump Your Boyfriend

Burning Sessions

The Mute-Ants schtick centered on obnoxiousness. Personal obnoxiousness more than musical. Songs penned by Mr. Imal seem to center on genital warts, so, uh, if so inclined, proceed at yer own caution. Mr. Mutation’s songs don’t have the same degree of ick-factor and teeter between being “hits” (to me, anyway) in a ’77 kind of way and being inept and repetitive. I still can’t decide with “Bored with this city”. Overall not too bad – I think they also put out another 7” and a full length cd….You just never want to find yourself hanging out with them!

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