Sunday, October 18, 2009

POTENTIAL FRENZY – Please Go Away / Airwaves 7”

Neptune Records – Orlando –1992

Peter Oldrid – drums, vocals
Norah Salmon – guitar, vocals
John Saylors- bass, vocals

I only recently became aware of this record. It’s good- maybe was a little retro for 1992 – but there’s nothing wrong with a power pop tune that stays with you (Please Go Away). Airwaves is another song bitchin about radio stations – I’ll never understand why anyone expects or feels entitled to ANYTHING worthwhile from the radio – but it’s still ok. I would recommend tracking this one down – though Ms. Salmon’s “Now, I am sitting on a toilet” look on the front cover is much more alluring than the scowling mugg presented on the back cover.


  1. omg! i totally WAS sitting on a toilet. how'd you know??? hahaha -Norah

  2. PF was one of the things that defined my days in FL, and I can vouch for the fact that Norah was sitting on the toilet at the time of the picture (at least I will back up her version). PF was a seminal band of the Florida scene in the '90s, and 'Please Go Away' (and other songs of theirs!) revived significant radio airplay locally. You should check out (and review) "Sugar Buzz". A feminist rock album non-compare.

  3. When is the reunion?

  4. Still one of my favorite bands.