Saturday, October 10, 2009

NO FRAUD – Elected 7” EP

Stiff Pole Records – Venice (1991)

Dan Destructo – vocals, guitar, keyboards

Scott Pacer – drums

Buzz Cockrill – bass

Pete Jay – guitar





This appears to be the first of many Stiff Pole Records. It starts out with a very straight Alice Cooper cover – You can’t go wrong with anything from the Alice Cooper Band. Mr. Destructo even sounds like Alice. Infidelity is a rather strange song (is that a keyboard I hear?) extolling the virtues of, well, infidelity. Ignorance is a stop- song exercise in condemning racism – it’s very 1986-ish hardcore – read “not essential”. FTMYIYD is more like it – closer to 1983 chaotic hardcore. You don’t see this around much – it’s good!

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