Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kreamy Lectric Santa – 4 7”

Tibetan Beefgarden – Miami (1997)

Fear of God

Stupid Fresh

HP2-What was the Chemical Brothers

Priya Ray – vocals, violin

Sir Robert – guitar

Andrew Powell – bass

Ricky Pollo – drums

Jay Russo - ?

Jan 9 – vocals

Tim Vaughn - drums

Probably the most focused, concise evidence of the genius of KLS. Fear of God starts things out right with lots of time-changes, several different vocals - some on-key, some not – it falls apart and regroups a couple times. This kind of song either works or it doesn’t – this one works. Stupid Fresh easily tops FOG. It may be their best song. Clean, surfy guitar with brilliant vocals from Priya – starting out nice & polite and ending up with death metaly screeching. I find this song quite pretty – others may not. I can listen to over & over to the point of embarrassment. Side 2 is a Sir Robert festival freak-out. The band did so well on side one – that they let Robert make incoherent noise on side 2. KLS doesn’t always fare too well in the incoherent noise dept. (not many do!), but this is their best incomprehensible noise to date and winds up perfectly complimenting side 1.

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