Monday, August 3, 2009

FEEBLES – To Clone a Mammoth / Marilyn 7”

No Label – Miami (1995)

Jimmy the Brain (?) – vocals, guitar

Tim Vaughn (?)– drums

Some other dude - bass

It’s unclear if the band’s name is a tribute to the Peter Jackson movie “Meet the Feebles” or the real life abilities of certain members of the band. My rapidly degenerating memory tells me that this band included Jimmy the Brain Sevigny (brother of actress Chloe Sevigny and leader of the Human Oddities, I am told) and Tim Vaughn (KLS). I could be wrong. They sound reminiscent of said Human Oddities. Songs are fast quirky punk concerning cloning of a wooly mammoth and an undying love for the brain and ass of Marilyn Vos Savant (the world’s smartest person – thanks Wikipedia). I'll put it in the plus column.

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  1. Jimmy The Brain- Vocals
    Ari Atari - Guitar
    Mr. Torso - Guitar
    Steve Funyon - Bass
    Tim Vaughn - Drums

    Made of members of Human Oddites, KLS, The Funyons. JTB is Chloe Sevigny's cousin.