Saturday, August 15, 2009

THE CRUMBS – Shakespeare / Gonna Like It 7”

Lookout – Miami (1996)

Johnny B – guitar

Emil 4 ½ - Bass

Raf Classic – guitar, vocals

Chuck Loose – drums

I believe this came out at the same time as their debut LP. The Crumbs were always a little too straight-forward and ’77 for me, in fact they were oft criticized for toning down their rough edges (ex members of Chickenhead, Cavity, etc.) in an effort to get laid. I assume it worked, as they always had a good turn out at their shows. The Crumbs got a little more interesting and musically advanced on later releases at they adopted some Americana-isms. That said, there’s nothing wrong with this record. Shakespeare sounds great – a short to-the-point punk rock blast. B-side's ok too.

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