Sunday, August 30, 2009

THE BELTONES – Shitty In Pink / Nobody to Love 7”

Radio Records – Gainesville (2000)??

Bill McFadden – guitar, vocals

Bob – guitar

Willy – drums

Mike – bass

This is the fourth (last?) Beltones single, released after their relocation to Gainesville from South Florida. Although the entire original band relocated to Gainesville, they had all been replaced (except Bill) by the time of this record – after various altercations. Following this record, the Beltones relocated to Austin and may or may not still exist. The cover girl certainly looks like trouble – and one can get a limited edition version with McFadden’s head superimposed on her body – but I’m happy with the one I have. Yikes!

The record, of course, is very good – more of what you’ve grown to expect from the Beltones – scabs or not. Nobody to Love is especially wonderful and was written by renowned Irish person, Shane MacGowan.

News Flash - From a confidential, but indisputable source, Rob Sessions (original Beltone) did play guitar on this record and did not bail out until later. I thought that guy in the dress looked familiar.

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  1. great record... but it was Rob not Bob on guitar!