Friday, July 24, 2009

STUN GUNS -- Fast, Clean, Cheap 7"

RECESS RECORDS -- Miami (1995?)

Un Mejor Manana
Make That to Go (Girls on Drugs)

More crime-themed malarkey from one of the better 1990s South Florida bands, which is saying a lot because the mid-1990s punk revival down here produced a goodly amount of this kind of thing. There is no personnel listed on this record, but presumably this is the roughly the same star-studded staff of the Stun Guns other releases. Up front is former Lethal Yellow front man Paul Enema, and he sounds just as lazy, bored, drunk and snide here as he does anywhere else, including at work. All three songs are quick and catchy, with one in Spanish (a nod to both half the band and probably half the Miami audience too). There's no real point in picking favorites; if you see a Stun Guns single, or their one LP, buy it.

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