Wednesday, July 8, 2009

THE HATE BOMBS -- She's the Girl

Speed-O-Meter -- Orlando (1994)

She's the Girl
Know About You

Dave Ewing -- guitar, lead vocal
Scott Sugiuchi -- bass
Ken Chiodini -- drums, vocal
Mick Crowley -- guitar, vocal, harmonica

The Hate Bombs turned into one of the best 60's garage revival bands of the '90s anywhere, not just Florida. Necessarily derivative, they nonetheless transcended other such bands primarily because they are competent songwriters, not just copycats. Of course, they had the schtick down too. They made it work live. The band rocked, audience danced.

This record, their first, hints at this with two originals. 'She's the One' is the standout. It is not not their best, but not a bad place to start. After all, it's where they started.

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