Thursday, July 9, 2009


DESTROY RECORDS -- Ft. Lauderdale (1997)

GARGIRLS: I'll Stab You!

Wine Nights

Trish -- drums
Terra -- bass
Lisa -- guitar
Monica -- vocals
Noisy anti-stylish dirges with female vocals, generally shouted. Wine nights! Two other South Florida all-girl bands sprung out of this one, Fraulein and Angry Pudding. You can hear elements of both in these songs. Wine nights!

DRUG CZARS: Lets' Go Satan

Let's Go Satan
Someday I'll Crush Them All Like Bugs

Michael O'Brien -- guitar, vocal
Chris Cottie -- drums, vocal
Jeff Hodapp -- guitar
Buddha -- bass

Two ex-members of the Eat fronted and backed this band and there was a former Roach Motel member playing cranky noise guitar somewhere in the middle. This record sounds nothing like either band, though. Oh, maybe "Someday" could have been an Eat song, but it wouldn't have sound dense and heavy like this. There is lots of picking and skranking, so you have to play it really loud to get the full effect. I don't believe these guys were ever employed by the Justice Department in spite of their name.

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