Monday, July 20, 2009

CHARLIE PICKETT & THE EGGS - Feelin'/White Light 7"

Open Records -- Fort Lauderdale (1981)

Charlie Pickett -- vocals, guitar
Barry Elliot -- guitar, vocals
Ken Lindahl-- bass
Leigh Stoner -- drums

White Light White Heat

In his first recorded outing Mister Pickett makes two well-chosen covers his own, something he will do over and over again with different lineups throughout his rock/roll career. This is roughly the same Eggs lineup that appears on his second single of 1981, 'If This is Love Can I Get My Money Back" but completely different from 1982's "Live at the Button" and subsequent releases.

'Feelin' is originally by Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, a British early '60s band from which he would borrow another song ('Please Don't Touch') for the 'Button' record. This too is a Pickett pattern. If he likes a band, he'll cover several songs from them -- e.g., Flaming Groovies and Mark Markham. The common denominator of these covers is this: Pickett picks songs that it sounds like he might have written and plays them as if he did.
'White Light' is a tighter, cleaner version of the VU classic. Same story.

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