Saturday, June 20, 2009


No Idea / Space Cadette Records – Miami (1996)

EMS – Hovering
Floor – Figure it Out

Floor – Jeff Sousa, Steve Brooks, Anthony Vialon
EMS – Juan Montoya, Scott Nixon, Carl Ferrari, Robert Lacusay

One could look at this record as a “first date” of the band Torche. Juan and Steve would start that band several years later. The packaging is over the top – you get white vinyl, several insect pictures on fancy paper, and a piece of screening (to keep the bugs away from the record???) I think I’ve seen a less elaborate version of this record too. Both bands are at their best here. “Hovering” starts out more direct than the average Ed Matus’ Struggle song and doesn’t become ponderous until the end. “Figure it Out” is one of Floor’s finest songs – which also gets ponderous at the end – but ponderous in a metal way. Kinda like Torche.

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