Thursday, June 25, 2009

THE FANS – Middle Class Blues / Day In Day Out 7”

Fave Records – from parts unknown in Florida (1980)

B. Ronco
Malcolm Zane
Andrew Berlin?
Billy DeMoya?
Bill Singletary?

Prior to being the Fans, these folks were known as Freestone (of Bummer Bitch fame). Like many punk bands of the late 70’s, they were in reality a bunch of crazed hippies. For some reason, they moved to Florida from California, switched to power pop and became the Fans. From my research, I could not determine what part of the state they inhabited – I’d guess Tampa area. Central Florida seemed to do better with this kind of thing than South Florida. The record is good, solid, well-recorded power pop and sounds nothing at all like Bummer Bitch. Middle Class Blues suffers a little due to its clunky title, but is memorable and has some blazing guitars. “Day In Day Out” is kind of like the 7th best song on any given Big Star record (not a bad thing at all).

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