Sunday, May 31, 2009

FUCKBOYZ – Rock’n’Roll Problem EP

Truth about Fonzie Records – Pembroke Pines (1991)

Seaweed – Vocals
Matty Luv – Guitar
Scooter – Bass
Aesop – Drums

Rock’n’roll Problem
Full of Sin (like Glenn Danzig is)

The second release by the Fuckboyz (a.k.a. F-Boys) is only partially a Florida record. This was released after their exodus to San Francisco and has songs recorded in both Miami and S.F. The Fuckboyz almost single-handedly kept the pilot light on for Florida punk in the late 80’s. There wasn’t much else out there – a F-Boys show was a guarantee of a good time. That said, this is not their best record – Hallucinating grates on the nerves, Full of Sin is the best song- but a faux Misfits song nonetheless & R’n’R problem runs a little too long for it’s own good. A cd compiling this and other records is highly recommended, as are all releases by Hickey, which featured all the Fuckboyz except Seaweed (their lp-side long rock opera and their unauthorized split with Voodoo Glow Skulls are especially ridiculous).

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