Wednesday, July 15, 2009

OVARYDOSE – Growth / Shame, It’s All the Same 7”

Goldentone Records – Gainesville (1994)

Jen Rollins – vocals
Liz Lizard – guitar
Deb Ramone – guitar
Becky Butler – bass
Megan Oxley – drums

Slow, grungy, somewhat unpleasant, menstrual-themed record on deep red vinyl!!!Deb Ramone was a member of Gainesville stalwart punk band - the Mutley Chix. There’s definitely a bitchy complaining angry feel to this record and the songs never speed up much faster than your average Melvins dirge. That’s right- all the beer cans on the front cover are not half full –they are empty and crumpled. Luckily, I like this kind of thing.

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