Thursday, July 9, 2009

FUTURISK – Army Now / What We Have to Have 7”

Clark Humphrey Records – Deerfield Beach (1980)

Jack Howard – drums
Jeremy Kolosine – vocals, synthetic guitars, mandolin
Frank Lardino – synthesizers
Jeff Marcus – did not play bass

Easily the best FLA synth record of the era – at least in part because they picked the right influences – Devo, Gary Numan and not fruitcakes like Howard Jones or whatever that their Tampa brethren looked up to. Both songs are well-crafted, memorable and futuristic as all hell. There’s at least two different covers for this record -this one being the coolest – also has a cool-as-shit nighttime band photo – making these guys look threatening – which they probably weren’t in real life. They made one more 7” and then became so minimalist that they disappeared.


  1. the drummer Jack WAS threatening.

  2. check the vids ;)

  3. FUTURISK 30th anniversary release write-ups in Miami New Times and Fact Mag

  4. I was the drummer in Futurisk after Jack and then after Jeff, Frank and I left to form Radio Berlin, I know Jack and Richie were back with Jeremy with Futurisk.
    Jack was a very scary guy, even threw a bottle at Jeff and I in the warehouse complex where we practiced!